Goodschic includes Vintage Dresses, Plus Size Style and Summer Bikini Series. Vintage dresses are full of a vintage look. While those old clothing at least twenty years old are vintage which are recently out of style with potential to make a comeback. Retro is never abandoned by time. We offer the most popular women' apparel of this season, including featured selection of vintage dresses, large size wear and sexy bikinis. Goodschic is willing to be your exclusive wardrobe, personal Butler.


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Company: Zhenzhou ZIXiao YuXI Trade co., LTD

Street Address: No. AB2201-2325, 22nd Floor, Tower A and B, Zhengdong New District E-commerce Building, No. 166 Shangdu Road, Zhengzhou Area, Henan Province, 450043, China

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Telephone: +86 19519244501

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